Our History

"Creativity takes Courage"
H. Matisse

During 2016 summer, four university students noticed that local fashion factories had in their stocks a lot of items that were not used anymore to produce since they were out of fashion or forgotten. In a small basement converted into a lab, they started looking for products that were suitable to recover these materials, finding the solution in customizable leather backpacks. On the 1st December 2017, the brand RR was finally founded by one of these students, Riccardo Rodella.

Riccardo's vision is to introduce a "Neohumanistic Eco-Capitalism" in the fashion world, by restoring the dignity of land's traditions and the Italian artisanal work through unique creations that are exclusively designed and made in Italy and do not have a negative impact on the environment. RR is also an initiative to promote and encourage artistic, cultural, social and eco-friendly activities from people, especially students as the founder. The firm 'Il Molino Srl' is day by day collaborating with RR to achieve and realize the brand's vision.

Il Molino was born as a small family owned laboratory in the province of Padova in 1986. The original location was an old mill from which it got its name "Il Molino" literally translated as "The Mill", and in 1990 Il Molino Srl was officially founded.

In 1996 the company moved its offices to Fiesso D’Artico, a small town in the heart of "Riviera del Brenta", province of Venice. There it has begun to develop various original projects and to work with numerous well known international brands. In 2017 Il Molino has started supporting the RR project through its over 27 years of experience and top quality raw materials present in its stock.